Month: July 2018

Singing Bowl

Singing bowl Singing bowls are made by a hand-Hammered process. Beautiful Jambati Old Antique Singing Bowl Hand Made in Nepal These flat singing bowls are very widely popular for meditation, chakra balancing, sound therapy, sound massage, healing, space clearing, feng shui and gift set purpose. It produces a very special and distinct sound and vibration …

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Khatvanga Wand

Khatvanga Basically, this Khatvanga set is also called a magical dagger. This khatvanga contains 14 ritual items which have a magical power to fight with evil spirit. They are often used by the tantric. These ritual items are basically originated in Tibet. In the Old Tradition System in the Himalayas, the Padmasambhava is said to have used and introduced …

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About the Business Hard work and persistence are essential for running your business, but it’s also crucial to differentiate your brand by showing some personality wherever possible. One place to do that? Your store description. A little time spent giving your brand some personality can have a huge impact on the experience people have shopped …

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